Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New York City mini-vacation

My wife and I went to NYC on Sunday to hang out and see some sights.

We took the NBC studio tour at 30 Rock (no pictures allowed), very cool. Conan O'Brien's set is incredibly tiny, maybe 50 feet wide. It's very interesting what they do with wide angle lenses and small furniture.

We took a carriage ride through Central Park. It's wicked expensive for the time you get, but we were being tourists. While we were sitting taking a rest, a couple park workers came over to lower the flag to half staff for a firefighter that died on Sunday.

Central Park flag going to half mast

We crashed at the hotel after that from all the walking we did (Times Square to 30 Rock, up 5th to Central Park, back to Times Square).

The next day, we went over to Macy's for some shopping. It wasn't open yet, so we went to the Empire State Building.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Luckily, we hit it just right and we were up at the top 5 minutes later. When I went up this time last year, I waited over an hour.


This was pretty cool. I was standing right next to the low wall this pigeon was standing on, and I wanted to get an up close picture of him. I reached into my bag to get the lens, and he was watching me thinking I had food. He hopped right onto my arm, then a second one right behind him. A nice fellow tourist took this picture for me. Really the highlight of the trip, for me.

David, the Pigeon Whisperer

After that, we went to Macy's for some shoes. The store is very large, a full city block. We were supposed to stay another day, but we left right after Macy's since we had pretty much seen what we wanted to for this trip.

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