Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blithewold Mansion

On Sunday, I went with 13 other members of the South Shore Camera Club to Blithewold Mansion in Bristol, RI. It's a turn of the (20th) century mansion formerly owned by a wealthy family.

The house was nice, though they don't allow photography inside the house for 'safety reasons', whatever that means. Several of us snapped off pictures before the staff informed us of the policy. The furnishings were antiques when the family bought them over 100 years ago.
Blithewold Mansion

We went down for the daffodils, and there was a garden just for them.
Blithewold Mansion - Daffodils

Blithewold Mansion - Daffodil

There is a greenhouse with a variety of more exotic plants and flowers.
Blithewold Mansion - Hothouse flowers

This is an an interesting grove of tall bamboo, at least 25 feet tall.
Blithewold Mansion - Yellow Groove Bamboo

A nice duck pond.
Blithewold Mansion

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