Sunday, July 12, 2009

John Quincy Adams Wreath laying ceremony

I went with my dad and some members of the South Shore Camera Club to the Wreath Laying Ceremony for John Quincy Adams.

Every year, on each deceased President's birthday, a wreath from the current President is sent to the grave of that president. John Quincy Adams' birthday is July 11th, and the ceremony was held on July 10th.

Peter Boylston Adams, a direct descendant of John Quincy Adams was an honored guest, as well as the mayor of Quincy, Thomas Koch. The commander of the Quincy Reserve Center, LTCDR Orlowski, was the direct representative of President Barack Obama and led the Naval Honor Guard for the ceremony.

The honor guard from the Naval Reserve Center at the entrance to the church.
John Quincy Adams Wreath Laying Ceremony - Naval Reserve Center, Quincy

Navy Honor Guard setting the wreath on a stand for the ceremony.
John Quincy Adams Wreath Laying Ceremony - Presidential Wreath

Peter Boylston Adams
John Quincy Adams Wreath Laying Ceremony - Peter Boylston Adams

LTCDR Orlowski
John Quincy Adams Wreath Laying Ceremony - LTCDR Orlowski

The wreath from the President
Wreath for John Quincy Adams from President Barack Obama

The wreath on John Quincy Adams' sarcophagus.
John Quincy Adams with Presidential Wreath

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