Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Boston fireworks that weren't

Well, I went out to shoot Boston's fireworks last night. There was a thunder cell passing over the city, and I was on the highest ground in the city. The Park Rangers closed the park and had everyone leave because of the storm coming in. They also temporarily evacuated the main viewing site.

Well the show went on, but I had already left. Turns out that about an hour after I left, two people got hit by lightning. Yikes.

Anyway, I got a few shots of small fireworks before I packed it up.

Fireworks in Dorchester 2012

Fireworks in Dorchester 2012

Fireworks in Dorchester 2012


Deanna Carroll said...

The shots you did get are spectacular!

Carol said...

Really great stuff Dave. I particularly like the last image, as the viewer gets a good feel for the environment....seeing the neighborhood rooftops and all of the "little" fireworks going off at the bottom of the frame.

Hope said...

Great photos!

We were out of town and got back just as the show was starting... so we watched it on TV at our house. :p