Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Aruba vacation pictures, part 5

I took a fair number of night time shots on this vacation. Even though I brought my tripod, I barely used it. Mostly, I set the camera down on a chair or bench.

Aruba Marriott Pool

El Gato

I played with flash on this one. Once from each side of the frame to bring up the light and colors a bit.

Westin Aruba

One of my goals while in Aruba was to visit some cemeteries. This one, St Anna's Cemetery in Noord, consisted of crypts that were mostly above ground. The ones that are in the ground are concrete boxes with the coffins placed in them. From what I understand, the water table is just a few feet down, so most are aboveground.

St Anna Church Graveyard

St Anna Church Graveyard

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